Recent Publications of String Group Members

Local enumerative invariants of some simple normal crossing del Pezzo surfaces
ArXiv - 2209.13031
Sheldon Katz, Sungwoo Nam

Universal Corner Symmetry and the Orbit Method for Gravity
ArXiv - 2207.06441
Luca Ciambelli, Robert G. Leigh

Shape dependence of mutual information in the OPE limit: linear responses
ArXiv - 2207.05268
Liangyu Chen, Huajia Wang

Dimensional Reduction of B-Fields in F-theory
ArXiv - 2204.13146
Sheldon Katz, Washington Taylor

Enumerative geometry of the mirror quintic
ArXiv - 2204.01669
Sheldon Katz, David R. Morrison

Snowmass white paper: Quantum information in quantum field theory and quantum gravity
ArXiv - 2203.07117
Thomas Faulkner, Thomas Hartman, Matthew Headrick, Mukund Rangamani, Brian Swingle

Infrared Properties of Quantum Gravity: UV/IR Mixing, Gravitizing the Quantum -- Theory and Observation
ArXiv - 2202.06890
Per Berglund, Laurent Freidel, Tristan Hubsch, Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman, Robert G. Leigh, David Mattingly, Djordje Minic

The Page Curve for Reflected Entropy
ArXiv - 2201.11730
Chris Akers, Thomas Faulkner, Simon Lin, Pratik Rath

Snowmass White Paper: Quantum Aspects of Black Holes and the Emergence of Spacetime
ArXiv - 2201.03096
Raphael Bousso, Xi Dong, Netta Engelhardt, Thomas Faulkner, Thomas Hartman, Stephen H. Shenker, Douglas Stanford

Reflected entropy in random tensor networks
ArXiv - 2112.09122
Chris Akers, Thomas Faulkner, Simon Lin, Pratik Rath

Embeddings and Integrable Charges for Extended Corner Symmetry
ArXiv - 2111.13181
Luca Ciambelli, Robert G. Leigh, Pin-Chun Pai

D-critical loci for local toric Calabi-Yau 3-folds
ArXiv - 2108.13510
Sheldon Katz, Yun Shi

Scattering strings off quantum extremal surfaces
ArXiv - 2108.01093
Venkatesa Chandrasekaran, Thomas Faulkner, Adam Levine

Isolated Surfaces and Symmetries of Gravity
ArXiv - 2104.07643
Luca Ciambelli, Robert G. Leigh

Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the Infrared
ArXiv - 2104.00802
Laurent Freidel, Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman, Robert G. Leigh, Djordje Minic

Lie Algebroids and the Geometry of Off-shell BRST
ArXiv - 2101.03974
Luca Ciambelli, Robert G. Leigh

Complexity for link complement States in Chern Simons Theory
ArXiv - 2101.03443
Robert G. Leigh, Pin-Chun Pai

Nonperturbative dynamics of (2+1)d $φ^4$-theory from Hamiltonian truncation
ArXiv - 2010.09730
Nikhil Anand, Emanuel Katz, Zuhair U. Khandker, Matthew T. Walters

Approximate recoverability and relative entropy II: 2-positive channels of general v. Neumann algebras
ArXiv - 2010.05513
Thomas Faulkner, Stefan Hollands

Towards Refining the Topological Strings on Compact Calabi-Yau 3-folds
ArXiv - 2010.02910
Min-xin Huang, Sheldon Katz, Albrecht Klemm