Recent Publications of String Group Members

Exact Renormalization of Wave Functionals yields continuous MERA
ArXiv - 2301.09669
Samuel Goldman, Nima Lashkari, Robert G. Leigh, Mudassir Moosa

Weyl-Ambient Geometries
ArXiv - 2301.06628
Weizhen Jia, Manthos Karydas, Robert. G. Leigh

Topological Strings on Non-Commutative Resolutions
ArXiv - 2212.08655
Sheldon Katz, Albrecht Klemm, Thorsten Schimannek, Eric Sharpe

The Vacuum Energy Density and Gravitational Entropy
ArXiv - 2212.00901
Laurent Freidel, Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman, Robert G. Leigh, Djordje Minic

The Reflected Entanglement Spectrum for Free Fermions
ArXiv - 2211.17255
Souvik Dutta, Thomas Faulkner, Simon Lin

Asymptotically isometric codes for holography
ArXiv - 2211.12439
Thomas Faulkner, Min Li

Causal shadow and non-local modular flow: from degeneracy to perturbative genesis by correlation
ArXiv - 2211.12064
Liangyu Chen, Huajia Wang

Reflected entropy in random tensor networks II: a topological index from the canonical purification
ArXiv - 2210.15006
Chris Akers, Thomas Faulkner, Simon Lin, Pratik Rath

Report of the Snowmass 2021 Theory Frontier Topical Group on Quantum Information Science
ArXiv - 2209.14839
Simon Catterall, Roni Harnik, Veronika E. Hubeny, Christian W. Bauer, Asher Berlin, Zohreh Davoudi, Thomas Faulkner, Thomas Hartman, Matthew Headrick, Yonatan F. Kahn, Henry Lamm, Yannick Meurice, Surjeet Rajendran, Mukund Rangamani, Brian Swingle

Local enumerative invariants of some simple normal crossing del Pezzo surfaces
ArXiv - 2209.13031
Sheldon Katz, Sungwoo Nam

Universal Corner Symmetry and the Orbit Method for Gravity
ArXiv - 2207.06441
Luca Ciambelli, Robert G. Leigh

Shape dependence of mutual information in the OPE limit: linear responses
ArXiv - 2207.05268
Liangyu Chen, Huajia Wang

Dimensional Reduction of B-Fields in F-theory
ArXiv - 2204.13146
Sheldon Katz, Washington Taylor

Enumerative geometry of the mirror quintic
ArXiv - 2204.01669
Sheldon Katz, David R. Morrison

Snowmass white paper: Quantum information in quantum field theory and quantum gravity
ArXiv - 2203.07117
Thomas Faulkner, Thomas Hartman, Matthew Headrick, Mukund Rangamani, Brian Swingle

Infrared Properties of Quantum Gravity: UV/IR Mixing, Gravitizing the Quantum -- Theory and Observation
ArXiv - 2202.06890
Per Berglund, Laurent Freidel, Tristan Hubsch, Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman, Robert G. Leigh, David Mattingly, Djordje Minic

The Page Curve for Reflected Entropy
ArXiv - 2201.11730
Chris Akers, Thomas Faulkner, Simon Lin, Pratik Rath

Snowmass White Paper: Quantum Aspects of Black Holes and the Emergence of Spacetime
ArXiv - 2201.03096
Raphael Bousso, Xi Dong, Netta Engelhardt, Thomas Faulkner, Thomas Hartman, Stephen H. Shenker, Douglas Stanford

Reflected entropy in random tensor networks
ArXiv - 2112.09122
Chris Akers, Thomas Faulkner, Simon Lin, Pratik Rath

Embeddings and Integrable Charges for Extended Corner Symmetry
ArXiv - 2111.13181
Luca Ciambelli, Robert G. Leigh, Pin-Chun Pai